Privacy Policy

There is genuine concern among website visitors that any personal information provided may be abused.To dispel these misgivings,websites publish privacy policy statements

In this age and time when there is a proliferation of websites, it is necessary to assure visitors to the site that their Privacy will be protected. When a person is selling a product or service online, the prospective buyers will feel more secure if there is a Privacy Policy in place. The customers will feel confident that any information they part with will not be misused.

What is a Website Privacy Policy:

A Privacy Policy can be described as a statement that outlines the website's Policy on gathering and using information about a visitor to its site.

A Privacy Policy generally spells out the details about sharing customers'names, addresses, phone numbers, and e mail Ids with third parties. Certain web pages even ask visitors to click a button to acknowledge that they have read and agreed to the Privacy Policy of the site

The need for a Privacy Policy:

A visitor to the website is somewhat disturbed when suddenly asked about the name, postal address, telephone numbers, credit card particulars and certain other personal information.

It is a natural human tendency not to part with personal information unless assured that it will not be shared with third parties and the information will not be misused. Thus the need for an unambiguously written Privacy Policy is desired.


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